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Strapping machine with strapping strapping package

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      Strapping machine with strapping strapping package, complete assignments strapping machine, especially for the envelope, such as books, bills, commodity of strapping. Banding is to prevent items scattered and lost, easy to transport and store, so make the strapping machine a wide range of application, in the packing of the products used in almost all industries. , due to the different packing banding requirement is different, so the strapping form is diverse. A common form of strapping include the single channel and double way, cross shape, well glyph, multi-channel x-type, etc.

      Strapping machine can be divided into semi-automatic strapping machine machine and automatic strapping machine, its working principle than simple winding machine. Strapping machine is the use of strapping tape winding product or package, then tighten and ends by heating molten or use the material such as bag buckles connection machine. Strapping machine's function is to make plastic belt can be tied close to the package surface, guarantee the package in the transport, storage is not scattered by strapping not firm, at the same time should also be strapping and tidy and beautiful. Strapping machine must be checked before using photocell strapping machine parts are in good condition, whether the reflector to is whether there is dust above, if not to is it in the right place, remove the dust.

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